Leadership from the Inside Out

Leadership from the Inside Out


Wow, I was  just reviewing my notes from Vision Quest Consulting’s  Fall Women’s Leadership  Retreat and am re-inspired and full of new ideas and energy. I took away many things and I want to share some of them with you.

First, I discovered the extent to which I am afraid of my own power.  I am stopped by the thought that if I play full out, people will say, “who do you think you are?”  I wonder how playing a big game will  impact my relationships. I question whether I can sustain it.  I worry that I’ll have to give up too much or that I’ll have to work really hard (truth is, I’m fundamentally lazy).

Others shared aha moments that included,   ‘I’ve been living someone else’s life’,  ‘I’ve forgotten what’s really important to me.’  ‘I’ve been keeping my gifts and talents hidden in order to fit in and get along.’  And they all declared they would not do that any longer and made plans for rediscovering themselves and living more authentically.

Some women discovered that they can shine their light and play bigger in the corporate arena while others came to the realization that in order to be their best selves, they need to leave their current situation and find a new sand box to play in.

We all discovered or were reminded of the critical importance of having support in our lives; of not trying to ‘go it alone’.  We discovered the wisdom of others, the value of being vulnerable and admitting our needs and deepest desires and the gift of contributing to others who are walking a similar path.

One of my most eye-opening ‘ahas’ was the realization that those women who I find hardest to connect with, the ones I judge most harshly, are the ones who are most like me, not, as I had thought, most unlike me.  It’s hard to look in the mirror but oh so valuable.

I’m reminded that while it’s important to learn new skills and change behaviors and develop new competencies, our real power comes from increasing and expanding self-awareness and taking action from our hearts and souls.

In the words of Marianne Williamson:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that

we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that

most frightens us. “

  1. Wendy says

    I often wonder how big can I get before I scare the you know what out of myself and of course, everyone else. I’ve decided that all there really is to do is be myself. Why? Because everyone else is taken and because it’s the best and only choice, really. Thanks for the shout out Cindy. Our women’s leadership retreats are fantastic. I hope women will come next year on Nov 8-9, 2013 to help them make their next bold move.

  2. Kate Harper says

    I too came away from the retreat with a big aha for myself. I facilitated a workshop on Changing Your Relationship with Money and although I didn’t see it as my topic, it was an amazing experience for me and the women in the room. I am a great receiver of abundance in all forms, a great steward of that abundance, and a great enricher of others.Woo hoo. And yes, I am celebrating exactly who I am – a big heart.

  3. cindyl says

    Kate, your session was such a gift to us all. Looking at our relationship with money, abundance, flow is so eye-opening and empowering. Discovering how we relate to money: friend or foe, ease or struggle, hold on to or let flow, the old tapes and rules that govern us tells us a lot about ourselves and with that awareness we can make conscious shifts.

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